How Could Successful Campaigns Gain More from Personalization: The Lexus Beyond Utility: 1000 to 1


Companies tend to use personalization services more often in their ads and marketing moves. In the last weeks we found a couple of very interesting and successful campaigns with impressing elements of personalization, but we believe that they could gain even more data and conversion with website personalization and Facebook Login. Now we’re going to show you, how.

The Lexus Beyond Utility: 1000 to 1

Just to make things clear in the beginning: Team One did an outstanding job with this award-winning campaign. The results speak for themselves: To date, the Lexus NX campaign has reached over 11.2 million unique Facebook users and delivered over 10.8 million video views. With an engagement rate of 26.67 percent, they’ve beaten the auto industry benchmark of 1.50 percent% by 16 times. In addition, the NX campaign is Lexus’ most efficient Facebook campaign to date; achieving a cost per view of $0.04 – a 300-percent increase in efficiency. Seventy-two percent of the user reactions were positive.

With the motto of “Beyond Utility,” Lexus had to prove to one-of-a-kind, style-driven affluents at a transformative point in their lives that utility is simply not enough. To get enough insight into customer preferences, Team One partnered with Facebook and Unified Social to launch and deliver the most personalized video campaign in history and at scale. They created over 1,000 unique ads to reach millions of people in a way that mattered to them.

Shorty Awards’ reason for why this campaign deserves to be award winning is the following: “By pairing Facebook’s unparalleled ability to use data to target by individual interest and affinity, they were able to segment the Lexus NX target by demographic details, interests, geographical location, and vehicle affinity (Lexus loyalists, NX hand raisers, automotive enthusiasts, competitive owners). We built hyper-targeted ads for individual users by matching video clips to user details as if they were ingredients.” Different people with different preferences got fully different content. And that’s the key of success.

Lexus Beyond Utility

But why stop at the ads?

We at SpringTab fully agree with this approach; this is what we eat and breath. But why stop at the ads? An outstanding campaign deserves to provide the same personalized experience BEYOND ads — on the website as well! Facebook’s unparalleled ability of psychographic super-targeting is now available beyond ads.

How, you ask? By using Facebook Login on a landing page, and giving the option to personalize the Lexus NX page to the 11.2 million unique users the same way as Team One did it with ads. How cool would a landing page be with the same 1,000 unique versions, thus showing Lexus NX’s different benefits that mattered to them?

The target customer segments – as we mentioned above -– were already created. The only thing Lexus had to do was to build website personalization based on the collected data. This little step could provide even better conversion rates.

As for results, achieving a cost per view of $0.04 – a 300-percent increase in efficiency is more than outstanding. We just dare to say, using owned social data for retargeting and on-site personalization could add an extra boost to this result.

#sharingiscaring 😉

by Péter Szántó
on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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