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Growth hacking, lead generation, automatized (mass) personalization – common buzzwords in today’s marketing climate. Everyone talks about them, some experiment with them and others do it in a truly professional – and incredibly successful – way. All of these words belong to the field of inbound marketing, which is just the opposite of interruption marketing. It is data driven and holistic; directs customers to the brand and converts them into buyers, often by providing them with content that is relevant for them. Thus, inbound marketing is customer centric and it strives to provide the best experience – just like SpringTab, but more on this later in the post. Let’s examine first what the current trends are in this field and where we can leverage them.

1.     Reallocation of advertising spending

Businesses reallocate funds from traditional marketing to social media and other inbound strategies .According to StrongView, 93 percent of surveyed marketers plan to increase or maintain marketing budgets focused on customer engagement in 2014. And 46 percent plan specifically to increase social media spending for the year. Moreover, 55 percent of marketers chose Facebook as the most important social channel, with LinkedIn being second at 18 percent.[1] Firms increasingly manage their social media channels to further build their brands, understanding the importance of keeping up with trends.

2.     Diversification of social networks

With Facebook’s algorithm changes resulting in decreasing organic reach, the number of viewers of a certain page is declining. Experts estimate this at 6 percent now, but it can go as low as one percent.[2] For Facebook this maximizes revenue from advertising, but for advertisers, overdependence on one network can result in a significant decrease of reach, which is suggested by a study published by SimplyMeasured. It reveals that the total engagement of the top ten brands on Facebook declined by 40 percent.[3] Therefore, advertisers should use multiple channels in order to gain good returns.

3.     Integration of social media, SEO, and content marketing

As Jayson Demers, founder of AudienceBloom puts it, “The online marketing industry is moving away from the idea that social media, SEO and content marketing happen in isolation. Social media marketing decisively impacts how content is seen and shared. Content creation and marketing have direct implications for your SEO performance — especially in light of Google’s latest algorithm updates. It’s important that you think of the three pillars of online marketing — SEO, content and social media — as a system that works synergistically to increase visibility, build your brand and ultimately garner customers and sales.”[4]

4.     The major obstacle remains the same

Measuring the ROI of social advertising is considered impossible by many. In fact, 72 percent of marketers say that it is hard to measure social media ROI.[5] The challenge in measuring social media ROI is to translate it to hard numbers, that is, advertisers are not always able to measure the impact of it on sales and profit. It is easier to measure what people say about the brand and if they resonate with it. But this might not be sufficient for executives. The status quo is expected to remain in 2014.

5.     Video is killer

Short videos (6 seconds on Vine, and 15 seconds on Instagram) are on the rise. They are great tools to broadcast a message, while being entertaining. Here, key is the right content. Platforms are sole enablers of creating amazing content. Buckle up, we will see a lot of stunning vines like this:

… and less stunning vines like this:

+1. SpringTab in the trends

SpringTab fits into the trends described above perfectly. It enables firms to spend social advertising dollars more wisely, by fine tuning their campaigns. It works on multiple platforms, not only on social media, but also email and websites. The essence of SpringTab is full integration of social media and content marketing. With SpringTab, social data determined content and content contributes to building a social profile. It also solves the obstacle by providing its clients with databases, readily available upon request. Four trends checked out of five. Imagine if we’d start publishing vines!

A world like the one in Minority Report is closer than you think.




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by Péter Szántó
on Thursday, November 6, 2014

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