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Why should we all see the web the same way?

Have you ever wasted time reading irrelevant or uninteresting content on the web? Do you get frustrated by crappy user experience? We have good news for you!

SpringTab is here! We make sure web surfers see exactly what they want to see. We do this by auto-personalizing content on a mass scale… Oh wait! We got way too excited right at the first time. Let’s scale back a bit and get to know our way of thinking.

First, here is this name. What can possibly mean spring as a name of a service? Or is it German and it has something to do with jumping? No. We actually turned to aviation to borrow a name.

From spring tabs to SpringTab


Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Such a revolutionary invention was the first airplane, which enabled people to reach the sky. Many years later a little addition was made to airplanes. It was called spring tab. At low speeds, it has no effect. The magic comes when the plane reaches high speed. It lessens the control load by helping the pilot turn the control surface, enabling “to maneuver a vehicle weighing as much as 300,000 pounds flying at an airspeed of 300 miles per hour or more”1. Thus, the pilot is able to control a plane with the slight push of a rudder. A spring tab does more with less.

Just as the traditional version, modern day SpringTab utilizes the same concept, translating it to the world of social media. As did the invention of the first airplane, Google reformed online content by providing a tool that enabled brands to reach their audience easily and efficiently. Using the analogy, it was the airplane. Later, Facebook came and the social media giant provided content using the digital footprint of users such as likes and shares, thus turning advertisers as the control surface turns an airplane. You can guess; the next step is the modern day SpringTab. It enables automated content personalization on a mass scale, in turn giving every single user tailored experience.

Content personalization made possible by SpringTab

Why should we all see the same content on the web? With SpringTab, every single one of us can be provided with unique user experience. We are neither talking about the email from online retailers offering the unwanted self-help book we once looked at when we had a bad moment, nor about the endless forms we are required to fill when we want to see relevant content. In fact, a study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Janrain, found that “28 percent of respondents would give up social networks for a week, 25 percent would give up chocolate for a month and 21 percent would give up their smartphone for a day in exchange for relevant content on all of their favorite websites” 2. SpringTab does just that, and it doesn’t even take away chocolate for a month. The possibilities of this new service are endless. Imagine that through one click, your favorite news portal would show only content relevant for you, your favorite airline could provide you with free upgrade on your favorite route and your favorite stores would show up on the website of a shopping center. This is the next generation of content personalization.

Stay tuned!

This is just the beginning. Follow us; we will cover what SpringTab is capable of in our next post. Discover more on springtab.com!

Share your comments and reach out to us at hi@springtab.com. We are open to chat online or next to a coffee.


1 W.H. Phillips, A Career at NASA Langley Research Center, Chapter 6, The Quest for Reduced Control Forces and Naca Rep. 794 (1944)

by Péter Szántó
on Thursday, October 23, 2014

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