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I am writing this post from Bogor, a “small” (in Indonesian terms, because it has well over 1 million inhabitants) city to the South from Jakarta. Thus, this post is a bit unusual, as it will not be strictly about content personalization, SpringTab capabilities or client success. This is just putting my thoughts together about working at SpringTab and its heritage in me, with a little bit of Indonesian flavor.


Having a Finance background, my initial interest in startups emerged a year ago when I was doing an exchange semester in the US and had the chance to get to know several businesses and various people involved in entrepreneurship. After that, I came back to Budapest and discovered that there is a lively startup ecosystem in my hometown and decided to join SpringTab for a six month period.

I consider this period an intensive learning experience, and by this, I mean rather personal than professional skills. I learned the value of meaningful relationships, and I strongly believe that earning the trust of the right people is worth a lot more than networking. This comes down to a quality vs. quantity question, and I vouch for quality. Secondly, I learned the importance of resilience and grit when it comes to building businesses, and, in fact, in a bunch of other areas in life. You never know when the breakthrough is just around the corner, so set goals, and work relentlessly until you reached them.


So how does Indonesia come to all this?

I think what one learns at a tech startup can be applicable to many other situations, which includes volunteer teaching and travelling. Earning the trust of elementary, and high school students is just as important as earning the trust of talented colleagues at a startup. You can only be a successful teacher if you put all effort into your work and treat your students as partners. Finally, just as in a startup, staying motivated is sometimes not easy, but it is the only way to reach a “breakthrough”, in this case, the satisfaction on the face of your students.

by Péter Szántó
on Thursday, April 23, 2015

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