Social Business Intelligence Best Practices With SpringTab

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Imagine what would happen if you knew what type of people visit your site. Imagine that you could target campaigns more precisely and increase conversion rates with just a few clicks. Our service can provide the knowledge and tools to help you realize all of this!

Most marketers use Google Analytics to measure traffic and gain insight about their users’ activity. If it’s configured properly, it will tell you which are the most popular pages of your site and how much time visitors spend on them. It can also inform you about paid and organic traffic sources.

Conversions are also measurable with Analytics, but even without it, the majority of website owners are well aware of their new sales or subscriptions. You know exactly how much money you spent on advertisements, how many clients found your business through the net, and how many products your site sold.

What you don’t know is why your users chose a certain service or product and not another one. Who are the people behind those numbers? With SpringTab, we aim to give you this information.

Social Business Intelligence Best Practices

Find out who your visitors are and what influences their decisions

SpringTab is a social business intelligence and auto-personalization tool.

We use Facebook’s Single Sign-On solutions to collect information about the preferences, professional interests, education, and other attributes of users and help website owners personalize their content based on the gathered data.

Studies show that about half of visitors prefer social login and are willing to share personal information with the owners of sites they trust. They are people who place confidence in your brand and would like to connect with it even more.

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? It states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. To put this into a business perspective, most of the time a smaller percentage of clients account for a majority of income. We assume that your most valuable visitors are the ones who are willing to use social login. Finding out what makes them happy could bring about significant changes…

But what can you do with the data you obtained through a simplified login?

Let’s say that sales of GoPro cameras have just increased on your site, but you don’t know whether the cameras were purchased by extreme sports lovers or people who simply needed a small camera to carry around during family vacations.

We can tell you the answer. If it turns out that most of your buyers like pages about snowboarding and mountain bikes on Facebook, you can plan your next campaign or landing page accordingly, most likely increasing your sales even more.

We are working with one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Hungary and we provide sociograph information for them. With our help, they are able to create personalized recommendations based on the favourite brands and activities of their users.

Let us show you another, more complex way of using social data. Let’s say that at the end of a campaign we found that many of the identified visitors are women who love to read blogs about healthy food. We also determined their favorite brands on Facebook. When one of them arrives at your site, with our help you can direct her toward a subpage that sells kitchen gadgets and recommend to her manufacturers she would trust. Combining all those little pieces of information to improve your site is like finding all the necessary pieces of a puzzle…

“As many versions of a website, as many visitors as they get”

We’ve shown you a few examples of how e-commerce sites can benefit from more information about their users. However, social business intelligence is not only for webshops. The tool we developed can improve almost any kind of service.

Publishers using social data could predict more precisely what kinds of content their audience is interested in. Travel agencies, with the help of SpringTab, would know exactly which types of destinations to suggest to their visitors. Automotive companies could create promotions based on the marital status of their users, emphasizing safety features for people with children.

Social Business Intelligence Best Practices

You could even connect seemingly unrelated data to enhance your campaigns. We assume that you would spend less time choosing the perfect song for a promotion if you knew the favourite artists of the target group…

There are more advantages of using social BI than we can list in this post, or even imagine. Almost every bit of information that visitors share with you will help personalize their online journey, creating convenient experiences and more engaging content for them.

Combined intelligence

There are many business intelligence tools that inform you about the behaviour of your visitors. With the help of these applications, you can learn which parts of your site get the most attention, discover what makes users abandon their carts, and create product or content recommendations based on previous actions.

In itself, none of these will provide a complete picture, but if you find the right combination for your site, you will receive insights that can significantly increase ROI. For example, if you recommend products to users based on their previous purchases and social profiles, it is very likely that they won’t be able to ignore your suggestions. Even if the increase in sales is lower than you expected, the profit these tools deliver will still be higher than the cost of installing them.

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by Péter Szántó
on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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