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We regularly post about personalization. We’ve collected several examples of this method in various industries, and also wrote about the advantages and pitfalls of creating different versions of websites and ads. With this post, we would like to help you find the examples and guides in this topic that are the most relevant to you.

The tools that capture and analyze the user’s digital footprints have evolved a lot. Website owners now can collect information about their visitors’ behavior, location or preferences much easier than before, and this allows them to create campaigns and content that addresses their customers directly.

Personalization is used in many fields. E-commerce sites display recommendations that take into account the previous purchases and interest categories of their visitors. News sites notify their readers about the latest articles of their favorite authors. Almost everything you can see on a social media site after log-in is affected by your previous interactions and relationships.

Personalization companies

Our company helps website owners personalize their content according to the Facebook likes and activities of their audience. We also publish regularly about the different aspects of personalization.

With this post we would like to help you find that specific piece of information on this topic that is the most relevant to you. Below you can find a collection of every personalization story and example we’ve published until now.

We plan to update this post regularly, and hope with time it will become a great starting point for anyone who is interested in this field.

Personalization in marketing

Personalization in marketing the big picture

In this six-part series, we examined how personalization is used in the different fields of marketing. Among other things, we wrote about list segmentation and behavioral triggers in email campaigns, on-site personalization, retargeting, and personalized recommendation systems in brick-and-mortar stores. We also analyzed the privacy issues in connection with this technique and tried to discover what the users expect from personalized experiences. You can download the whole series in pdf format if you click here.

Personalization examples in publishing

Can online publishers personalize the news effectively? Will this help them convince people to stay on their site a bit longer before they head back to Facebook? How do readers react to the changes? Will the personalization of the news sites strengthen the filter bubble effect? We examined many of these questions in this in-depth article and collected several great examples of content personalization.

Personalization in e-commerce examples

Personalization examples for e-commerce sites

E-commerce sites in many cases are able to increase conversions by more than 10 percent with personalization. We’ve written two articles about their techniques.

In this longer post, we examined how to recommend products that the visitors are more likely to buy, simplify navigation, and create more persuasive offers by displaying dynamic content. In another post, we showed how large and popular e-commerce sites apply personalization tactics.

Social media campaigns and personalization

Social media sites personalize their visitors’ experience in almost every possible way. They try to understand who their visitors are and what type of content would delight them in order to provide a better experience.

Contrary to this, social media campaigns often fail to take advantage of personalization. In a two-part series, we analyzed how the best social media campaigns could have been improved by personalization tactics. Our first article focused on well-known success stories in social advertising, in the second one, we reviewed the most engaging campaigns in the recent past.


Personalized recommendations on Netflix

Discovering what satisfies its visitors and turning this knowledge into suggestions made Netflix one of the most successful streaming services. In this post, we examined the winning formula and gave some tips on taking advantage of content personalization for smaller companies.

Personalization trends

Every year we try to predict the upcoming trends in personalization and in connected fields, like big data analysis. In the first article of this kind, we forecasted that buying and selling data will become mainstream, analytic tools are going to be more user-friendly, and fewer obstacles will stand in the way of content personalization.

Our 2016 report focused on programmatic marketing, off-site content personalization, and other solutions that can help website owners benefit from the collected data.

by Péter Szántó
on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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