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Last week SpringTab took a flight to Paris to attend LeWeb, the biggest conference on the internet in Europe.

LeWeb is an intense three-day event that features great speakers, workshops, and is full of networking opportunities. We had a chance to see legends like Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the internet), Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures), Phil Libin (CEO of Evernote), Soraya Darabi (Founder of Zady.com), and Tony Conrad (Founder of about.me), on stage. We also attended a workshop on colors organized by Google and another one on the automation of e-commerce website by French startup Content Square.

Networking is a focal point of LeWeb, too. During breaks we networked with dozens of people, discovering how we can cooperate with their firms, providing the best experience for them and their clients. We are excited about the positive feedback we received about SpringTab, both from corporates and startups! This is what drives us to keep up the good work and move forward.

Experts on content personalization

Besides networking, our goal was to hear the opinion, vision and predictions of experts on mass personalization and the future of the internet. We wanted to hear where the world goes and how SpringTab fits into it. Thus, we reached out to leading experts during the conference, had meaningful conversations and a couple of deep interviews. Listening to their advice, we were excited to hear how they see the future coming.

Tony Conrad



Tony is the co-founder and CEO of about.me, the platform for representing personal identity online. In addition to founding about.me and blog search engine Sphere (acquired by Aol), he is a member of the True Ventures founding team, leading investments in WordPress.com, Blue Bottle Coffee, MakerBot, Typekit, High Fidelity and more.

Tony confirmed that personalization is the next level of online communication, and that companies can use a wide range of “graphs” about their consumers. These graphs are provided by various social media channels, the most interesting of which are currently Facebook and LinkedIn. He believes “there are additional layers that marketers and anybody, who wants to formulate a deeper relationship with their users, need to get into.”

However, since data shared on social channels is meant mainly for private use, “users need to see the benefits of wider sharing information, and they need to understand exactly what they are sharing.” There are tools, for example on Facebook, that are simple enough and allow people to manage what they share and with whom.

Soraya Darabi



Soraya Darabi is the co-founder of Zady, a mission-driven brand described best as “The Whole Foods of Fashion.” Soraya began her career as Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media at The New York Times. While at The Times, she positioned the global news leader on networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, partnered with startups large and small, and established award winning campaigns. She went on to co-found the application Foodspotting, named by Apple and Wired Magazine as an “App of the Year” (acquired by Open Table). Soraya has been featured on the cover of Fast Company Magazine’s “Most Creative People in Business” issue and Brandweek’s “Digital” issue for her work in new media and entrepreneurship. In 2014, she became a World Economic Forum “Young Global Leader.”

According to Soraya, “brands should be analytics focused and data focused, especially e-commerce companies. If you are not analytics focused and you are an e-commerce company in 2015, you’re in trouble.” About psychographic data, she states that she is surprised about the little advancement in the use of this sort of data since the establishment of Facebook. She said that “brands must be aware that (psychographic data) exists and (…) analytics allow brands to make smart decisions”. She adds that brands should never infringe their customers’ privacy.

Cristina Riesen



A certified Reputation Institute professional with more than 10 years of experience in international mass-media and communications. In her current role of General Manager for Evernote in Europe, she is responsible for strategic business development, marketing and communications. She works hard with her dream team to make your workspace smarter, one step at a time.

According to Cristina, “big data and content personalization are basically the future, because these are what allow you (…) to go really fast to market, and to micro-segment your customer base to maximize results”. She also thinks that the nature of B2B communication will change radically and in the future, it will transform to B2A (business-to-all).

Ben Huh



Ben Huh is Founder & CEO of Cheezburger. The former journalist turned entrepreneur has been credited with pioneering Internet culture as entertainment, crowdsourcing, and bringing Internet memes to the mainstream. Since first acquiring I Can Has Cheezburger? in 2007, Huh has grown the media company to more than 50 online humor sites generating more than 400 million page views monthly.

Ben thinks that content producers should be extremely careful about content personalization engines based on the content shared by people; he recommends using psychographic data instead. There is a terrible story he mentions: when a mother was shown news about dead babies after searching for ways to deal with the loss of her child. He believes that “big data is yet to prove itself when it comes to personalization (..) and we are seeing very promising signs. (…) In the future, it will lead to leaps in conversion” On his websites, he personalizes on a social level.

So how can you personalize content?

If you don’t believe us, just listen to the experts. Leapfrog your competitors by providing personalized solution on a mass scale. Let us get back to you with suggestions. Just type in your website and we will be in touch.

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by Péter Szántó
on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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