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We at SpringTab believe in educating ourselves constantly and share a passion about mastering online solutions. One of the experts we follow closely and learn from is Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. His online guide to online marketing is a very useful and comprehensive tool to leverage the endless opportunities the internet provides. The fifth chapter of this guide kept us awake at night… We thought about how we can further improve the amazing ideas he analyzes using mass personalization and automation and contribute to conversion optimization.

What is it all about?

For readers not familiar with the subject: a very quick recap on what this chapter is all about follows. The fifth chapter deals with keeping customers on the site and converting interested prospects into actual, paying customers. It analyzes ways to optimize marketing strategy for conversions.

The very first thing online marketers should understand is the conversion funnel, that is, understand the path different groups of visitors “walk” before they purchase. Two very important takeaways are presented here:

  • There are multiple conversion funnels.
  • The challenge of the online marketer is to make the process seamless, so that drop-off is minimized.

This is called conversion optimization, and is in fact a comprehensive strategy, which incorporates psychology, design, digital analytics, research, and quantitative analysis. Thus, it is a real challenge that Neil helps readers meet by guiding them through the whole process step by step. He also gives great examples and best practices. This is where we think that we can add value and fine tune Neil’s examples.

Successful examples – personalized


Coworks is a platform that brings Elance to the next level: it helps build lasting relationships among companies and freelancers. Its website is clear, concise and intuitive, the value proposition is obvious, and so is the process. Not much to improve on… We have one little suggestion, though. Through SpringTab, Coworks could automatically “guess” if the visitor is a freelancer, who wants to join the Coworks community or a representative, who wants to get a job done. We do this by leveraging the visitor’s digital footprint, in this case work and education information.

InfusionSoft + Speak2Leads


These two software help generate more sales through better response for a variety of online marketers. The page looks intuitive, the process explained. However, we thought about two improvements:

  • Pre-filled registration form through social login
  • Customized infographics for every user, using digital footprint

These two can be made possible immediately and would improve user experience significantly.



Unbounce helps companies with landing pages. The diagram they prepared provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a good landing page. We believe that an addition could contribute to this amazing tool: personalization.

  1. The most fundamental point is the value proposition. This cannot be uniform, because each user is different; with the help of SpringTab, the value proposition can be personalized and pivoted for every single user. Thus, the unique value proposition resonates with the user. Additionally, in the closing argument, the website can call the user by name.
  2. Just as the value proposition, the hero shot photo or video can be personalized. This way, videos can really talk to the individual user and showcase the capabilities of the product or service the marketer provides.
  3. This part is the description of the product or service. It is in fact the answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”. Neil breaks this down to two parts.
    • Bulleted summary: In this case, the bullet points can be rearranged according to what is important for the user.
    • Detailed analysis of features and benefits: Different points can be stressed for different users.
  4. Social proof: SpringTab can show multiple social channels and arrange them according to the user’s preferences.

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by Péter Szántó
on Thursday, November 13, 2014

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