Case Study: Furla campaign for Black Friday

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Those following fashion brands know about Furla. It is remarkably Italian, all Furla accessories have an essence of the “dolce vita”. Furla’s Hungarian franchise approached us on the occasion of Black Friday.

We came up with a quick promotion: Which Furla bag fits you best?


The Furla app in action

SpringTab enabled Furla to guess which bag the user likes! We used complete lifestyle profiling; leveraged mostly Facebook activity to determine which bag would be the best for every user. It worked like this.

Step 1: You like the Furla page and meet the app. It is clear and intuitive, very easy to use and showcases the Furla style.


Step 2: Facebook authentication follows. It takes 5 seconds tops!


Step 3: Gotcha! The favorite bag is shown. If you don’t like it, our bad, you can choose another.

3Step 4: Here comes the magic: You have your own, personalized voucher and your 20 percent off of the favorite Furla bag. Time to go to the shop!


The Furla campaign in numbers

The Facebook reach of the campaign was more than 230.000, out of which 13.230 people took action and 1020 users authenticated with SpringTab. This means that Furla now has a database of 677 people who took definite action towards buy a Furla bag! In the luxury accessories industry, this is a very impressive number. Out of the 1020 authenticated users, 750 downloaded the voucher and 33 purchased a Furla bag. The others are potential customers, who will probably purchase in the following months.

Pages from black_friday

The Furla campaign in words

Although we like numbers, we are most proud of what our client said about the campaign:

“As we represent the highest premium quality, we expect the same from our partners. We made the right choice to hire B Creative as our digital agency and integrate SpringTab. This standalone digital solution goes beyond the latest trends. It lets us deliver a unique customer experience, that results in higher ROI for us.”

Thanks for trusting us, Peter Nador and the Furla team!

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by Péter Szántó
on Thursday, January 15, 2015

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